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Welcome to QS! Come and introduce yourself.

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  • Welcome to QS! Come and introduce yourself.

    Welcome to The Queer Scribe! We hope you'll enjoy your time here, and we'd like to get to know you, so feel free to post here to say hello and tell us a little about yourself, if you are so inclined.

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    My name is Wayne.

    I live in the United States, in the state of California with my husband and two cats.

    My interests are pretty varied. I like to exercise (yoga and weight lifting in particular), the outdoors, cooking (eating too!), writing, reading, science-based knowledge, and socializing.

    I'm a writer of gay romance, suspense, drama, and erotica. I dabble in poetry, though I'm far from proficient at that particular form of expression.
    Founding Scribe
    tim is the expert there.

    I started this site as a refuge for writers (scribes) who would like another venue to use in order to get their work out there. This place is one that I hope grows and becomes a haven for both scribes and readers. That's the goal.

    As well ... just because you started the string,
    Thorn Wilde
    Second Scribe in Command
    Thorn Wilde , doesn't mean you get out of telling us about yourself. 😉


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      Damn. And here I thought I was off the hook. lol!

      Well, I'm Thorn. I live in Norway with my boyfriend and also have two cats. Yay, cats! I'm a nonbinary trans guy, my pronouns are he/him/his. I enjoy music, video games, movies, and good books.

      I write a lot of different stuff, most of it queer in some way. A lot of MM romance, but I dive into other genres as well. My goal is to create engaging stories with diverse and interesting characters. Most of my stories are very character driven.

      Let's see, what else? I'm also recording a writing podcast with my boyfriend, I sing and play a couple of instruments, and I'm an editor and a grammar nerd.

      Like Wayne, I wanted a refuge and a friendly venue in which to share my fiction. I hope we'll be able to make this place into a beautiful and special community where we celebrate infinite diversity in infinite combinations. ♥


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        I'm Daniel!
        I'm a weird swedish bear-man as straight as a basketball. Currently live in a small town east of Gothenburg. By small I mean under 5000 people.
        I prefer he/him pronouns. I'm cis but, I also don't believe in binaries. I just choose to be the cissy gay I am in that sense. I also tend to ramble. Like, a lot. Yes, I will probably annoy you.

        I love writing. I love friendly communities of artists and writers. The less fascists the better.
        My current writing projects are. . . a lot. Many. I have a tendency to get an idea and have to just put words on paper/document/google doc/postits and so on. Currently fiddling with a military scifi thing. It will probably be around 1500 words or so when done, depending. Not aiming for anything huge with it.
        Also games. I make'em. Currently trying to refine a system-idea for a universal and basic system for RPGs with a narritative focus.

        I also paint miniatures. Those inclined can find them on my instagram @diredanbear or twitter as Real_daipanda. This is not ment as self-promotion.

        What else... I play videogames, like most people do, current addictions are Terraria and Golf With Friends. Which I play alone. Because random internet people in games scare me.


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          Very nice to read about you all. 🙂


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            Like Wayne, I live in California, but in the very urban East Bay area. I am a reader, not a writer. I’m on Disability, so I don’t work.

            I love LGBTQ+ movies, but I’m a viewer, not a creator. I am a member of Frameline, the producer of the world’s oldest (continuous) and largest LGBTQ+ Film Festival. I basically camp out in the theater when the festival is running. In about a week, I’ll be watching Frameline44’s virtual festival, so I’ll be very busy.

            I’m old, so I avoid FPS (I played Bungie’s Marathon trilogy against my coworkers in the Nineties, but was really bad at it) and MMOGs. I play Civ VI in Multiplayer Hot Seat mode against myself. I never really liked twitchy games.


            • droughtquake
              droughtquake commented
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              I forgot to mention, I am cis-male and Gay. I prefer he/him.

            • Thorn Wilde
              Thorn Wilde
              Second Scribe in Command
              Thorn Wilde commented
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              Just to let you know, I've actually added the ability to put gender, pronouns, and sexual identity in profiles, because I realised that I could. lol So you can do that and it'll show up under 'about'.