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    Welcome to The Queer Scribe! If you're reading this, presumably you're a writer who's looking to post their stories here with us. That's awesome! Here's some information for how to go about that. Please read this guide in its entirety before posting your first story.

    First, in order to post stories, you need to be added to the Scribe user group. You can PM either myself or Wgray and one of us will add you to this user group. Once you have become a Scribe, you can post topics in the Stories forums.

    Before posting a story, please make sure it is properly proofed and edited, and that it follows our content guidelines as detailed toward the end of this post.

    How to Post Your Story:

    1. Choose your category.

    2. Click on the New Topic button and enter the title of your story.

    3. Your first post should not contain your first chapter. Instead, you should write the following information:

    - A description of your story in the form or a summary or blurb
    - Story rating (Everyone, Teen, Mature)
    - Any relevant content warnings (list of subjects requiring warnings below)
    - Story status (in progress, on hold, complete)
    - Table of content (more on this below)
    - Any other notes you may want to add
    - If the story is beta-read or edited by someone on site, you could also tag them in the post using @

    4. Add tags to your story. They should include rating, category, and other things that your story may have in common with other stories. A guide to story tagging follows below.

    5. Click Post.

    This may look something like this:

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Screenshot 2020-07-28 at 12.26.06.png Views:	0 Size:	131.4 KB ID:	228

    6. Add your first chapter as a reply to your topic, and subsequent chapters the same way. If you're posting a short story, you should still make it a separate post from the first, so that readers can comment on it. Short stories do not, however, require a table of content.

    7. Readers can comment on stories using the Comment button at the bottom of each chapter post. If you don't want comments, or you want comments but would prefer no constructive feedback, please specify this in a note. If you would prefer to get constructive feedback by PM, let readers know as much.

    8. When your story is complete, please also tag it as such so readers can search for complete stories only if they wish.

    We recommend that Scribes post chaptered stories a little bit at a time rather than posting everything at once, and no more than a chapter a day. This makes the interactive aspects of online story posting more pleasant for everyone, gives readers time to absorb, think, and comment, and gives you time to properly edit and proof your work.

    About the Table of Content:

    Due to the limitations of our software, we ask that Scribes make a table of content in their first post to which they add links to the chapters they post. To get the link to specific posts, simply click the post number in the upper right corner and copy that link. Then go edit your first post, go to your table of content, write 'Chapter 1' (or whatever other title you want, that's up to you), highlight it, and click on the Link button in the toolbar. Paste the link under URL, click OK, and save your post.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Screenshot 2020-07-27 at 00.40.18.png Views:	2 Size:	94.3 KB ID:	166

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Screenshot 2020-07-26 at 23.38.56.png Views:	0 Size:	40.1 KB ID:	232

    Do this every time you add a new chapter. That way, readers can jump straight to the chapter they want to read (though unfortunately, it will always open in a new tab) instead of having to scroll through the whole story to get to where they want to go.

    About Ratings:

    Stories should be rated for age appropriateness. We operate with three basic ratings: Everyone, Teen, and Mature.

    Stories tagged Everyone may not contain any sexual content, graphic violence, or swearing/cursing.
    Stories tagged Teen may contain some violence, some swearing/cursing, and sexual content of the non-graphic and fade to black variety.
    Stories tagged Mature may contain whatever you want, with a few restrictions (more on that later).

    About Content Warnings:

    Content warnings exist to warn readers of themes they may find offensive, uncomfortable, or triggering. We do not ask that you put content warnings on absolutely every little thing that may offend someone, but some things do require warnings. These include:

    - Abuse
    - Suicide and suicidal ideation
    - Sexual assault, harassment, or rape
    - Substance abuse
    - Violence
    - Murder

    Warnings MUST be included if any of these themes are touched upon. Other than these, use your best judgment if you feel like a warning should be included. It's better to err on the side of caution; adding a content warning doesn't hurt you one bit, but it can be very beneficial for readers who have experienced trauma, so they can either avoid or prepare themselves for topics that remind them of their trauma before reading. Readers who don't like them can easily just not read them.

    About Tags:

    Tags are a way for readers to search for stories and content they would like to read. You may add up to 20 tags to a story topic, and you are free to tag with whatever you want, but it can be helpful to choose tags for things that your story may have in common with other stories on the site. Examples of this include:

    - Sexual orientation (gay, lesbian, bisexual, etc.)
    - Gender identities (transgender, nonbinary, etc.)
    - Where the story is set (Europe, North America, space, the moon, etc.)
    - Age groups (teen, young adult, adult, mature adult, elder)
    - When the story is set (modern, historical, future, etc.)
    - Sexual themes (anal, oral, no sex, etc.)
    - Kinks (use your imagination for this one)
    - Relationships (family, friendship, romance, etc.)
    - Fantastical elements (superheroes, magic, vampires, etc.)

    Please also include category and genre as tags to make it easier for readers to search. You can only post to one category, but you can tag your story with multiple genres if you feel it crosses over.

    You can, of course, add any other tags you think are relevant; this is just a rough guide.

    About Content Restrictions:

    There isn't a lot we won't let you post here, but there is some content and some themes that we do not allow, and stories containing these may be subject to deletion. Multiple infractions will lead to the Scribe being banned.

    1. Sexualisation of and sexual situations that include children are strictly prohibited. As a rule, we will not allow any graphic sexual content between individuals below the age of sixteen. Non-graphic and fade-to-black situations may be permissible assuming they also follow the next rule.

    2. In sexual situations involving characters under eighteen, the characters must be of like age; this means no more than two or three years apart, depending on age (a bit more leeway may be granted if both participants are over sixteen).

    3. Non-sexual romantic relationships between children and adults are also prohibited.

    4. Stories that glorify or romanticise rape, harassment, extreme violence, murder, pedophilia, or bestiality may not be posted to this website. Basically, if one of the involved parties is unable to give consent, this may not be presented in a positive light in any way, shape, or form.

    We want you to be able to tell your stories. Art reflects reality, and we understand there may be situations that stretch some of these rules a little bit for the sake of realism. If in doubt, please feel free to contact an administrator or moderator, and we can determine together whether or not the story is appropriate for The Queer Scribe.
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    Due to some questions regarding what kind of sexual content between teens is permissible, I've decided to clarify by sharing a passage from one of my own young adult novels. The two characters in this scene are fifteen and sixteen years old, respectively.

    And then Dave brought their lips together, and it was as though something erupted inside Nick. Dave’s tongue entered Nick’s mouth. The kiss was warm and soft and tasted of cherry Tango, and Dave smelled like rain and fresh laundry and autumn.

    Dave slid his arm around Nick’s waist and pulled him closer, his other hand tracing the line of Nick’s jaw up to his ear and then disappearing into his hair. He lowered Nick onto his back on the sofa and his dressing gown fell open to reveal his toned torso. Nick put his arms around Dave’s waist as the kiss deepened, feeling his soft skin.

    Breaking contact with Nick’s lips, Dave instead kissed a trail down his cheek and his jaw to his neck, where he started to lick and suck and nibble, and Nick threw his head back and uttered a groan. Dave seemed to like hearing that, because his mouth became more insisting. Nick’s breathing hitched in his throat as Dave found his earlobe and sucked on it for a moment. Then they kissed again.

    Now, Dave slipped a hand under Nick’s t-shirt (technically Dave’s t-shirt) and stroked the soft skin of his stomach. Nick gasped, amazed at what Dave’s touches and kisses were doing to his body. Dave moved his hand up to Nick’s chest, brushing his nipple. Nick drew a shuddering breath and bit his lip. Dave pulled away a bit so he could look into Nick’s eyes again. As he shifted, Nick felt something hard and stiff against his leg, through the layers of fabric.

    It was too much. ‘Oh fuck, no!’ Nick gasped, his hips bucking. ‘Dave, stop, I can’t—!’

    But it was too late.

    As you may have noted, anatomical description is relatively sparse, and while it should be quite clear what's happening—that this character is experiencing a premature ejaculation as a result of feeling his partner's hard-on dig into his thigh—the description is non-graphic and expects the reader to read between the lines.

    I hope this makes our position clearer. Our main reason for these rules is that we don't want our website to attract pedophiles and MAPs. As previously stated, art reflects reality, and there may be exceptions where more descriptive passages could be permissible, but we'd rather address this on a case by case basis.